Extra Intro-rdinary

How about- I hated going anywhere and only routinely left my home for the gym or the food place…

But now, that we all have to stay inside like it’s Silent Hill, I’m going stir-crazy. Anybody else?? What is that about?!

The first season you’re thinking- “Look at these sad ass clowns”. Nine months later you want to haul ass like it’s “Get Out” but you don’t, Because you are happy. You married a yellow hair first and you’re happy.

It’s a good thing, because there’s nowhere to go. Like every scary movie…there is no escape, bitch!

Be good to yourself. Most people are fucking morons but you’re alright. There will be years worse than this. Fuck this year…and the last few years can hop on the same fuck.

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No One from Nowhere

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