There were two boys named Zach and Daniel.

Zach was in my circle of people. Daniel was big fat jerk.

Daniel would find some reason to mock me everytime I saw him, usually in front of other. Classic Jerk Bully. Honestly, nothing super rough just a mean-ass.

Zacharias was a fucking Monster.

He would wait until I was in a state to start with me. When I was happy, he’d ruin it. When I was sad, he would give more to carry. He was never nice.

He laughed once (for real) in front of me, and I never forgot it.

This story was a dream.

And one of the cast members is based on that shit.

What, I forgot?

I ain’t writing a freaking autobiography over here, Deal with it.

I did.

There were other bullies who were more physical, but none ever actually tried to rough me up.

In this story, D and Z were my inspiration.

AND I made Him honorable, but whatever.

Because I could.


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