After Highschool I found a home with my Gay Family in Dothan.

What I never realized until recently was I have more contact with Black People in Slocomb.

Our school hadn’t been integrated long, but it was split pretty evenly. Teachers still dogged out Black and Hispanic kids.

Slocomb was half segregated, and Dothan was probably worse.

Out of school, I never really met any Black LGBTQIA People (Excluding performers). I assumed that is was because they did not have the freedom I did to express themselves.

That wasn’t it.

There were plenty of every sort of person.

The fact is a lot of the gay people where I am from are racist as a way to go along with the straights.

We all have to deal with plenty without preying on each other. There is no reason, and what we know better than to use are excuses. The straights can claim ignorance, we always know better.

Straights have the numbers to play with that nonsense.

We can’t.

WE cannot.

Published by Chanzy

No One from Nowhere

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