My older Brother and I were encouraged to (supposed to) carry short sticks everywhere.

I never understood. I thought it was about animals.

But we were also supposed to go at each other randomly. He was superior at launching an attack. I was better at defense.

I didn’t get it until they taught us about Sparta.

What The FUCK Man?

Acting like you invented it and shit.

My hands are soft nowadays but I’m still cold.

Yes, it was excellent Fathering. He will drive you insane, but you will be a capable insane.

If I have a Kid I hope I can teach them that crazy stuff.

But, who can run through the woods in the dark and shit?

If you have kids, make them strong. They will stop bitching, eventually.

We have done the research.

So much of my early training has come back and while parts of it are hard to watch, it did make me more than I was.

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No One from Nowhere

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