My mind is all over the place.

One, forgetting about Afghanistan is some bullshit and not because it’s “embarrassing”. That one is right there.

I’m scared for the Women and the “Others” right now.

The fact that China is involved freaks me out in other ways.


I’m not being that person today.

We WILL get back to that.

No, you know what? Be better. Buy a map.

In Other News

I didn’t like the state of Texas (Not the People, go on, Diva) before this Abortion Bill malarkey.

American Women deserve our attention and humanity.

Men treat women as if they are only good for one thing, use them, and then discard them whenever it suits them. If you want to talk about men. And they have the nerve to disregard them the entire time.

I’ve known more men to sabotage birth control to get a girl pregnant so he could lay claim to her, but WHATEVER.

Abstinence isn’t practical. Scandalizing self-pleasure isn’t fixing anything.

Instead of educating anyone about their bodies, Americans must be forced into teaching the bare minimum, and tabooing even that information.


We aren’t going there.

What we are going to say is that EVERY American Male should be required to take a course (anywhere between 12-15) called “Emotional Competence” where they teach them to better understand their own internal nonsense and what they can to BE good people, not just seem like good people. I would be more specific, but I am not. Not today because I already hear the Rah-Rahs crying Brainwash And I am in no mood today. That theoretical class is the bare minimum, it should be taught daily in the Home, but we are behaving.

A Bitch is tryin’ to mind.

Anyone else notice the trolls on both sides are bucking? I’m thinking those Red Bitches are Mean, meanwhile Democrats are over here calling randos all kinds of “inbred shitheads” and “dumbasses”. Let’s be real we’ve all hate-typed some mean-ass shit we didn’t really mean in the safely of our own spaces.

Anyone else hoping it snows every damn day this Winter?

Last year was so messed up that looking at the end of the year is too far. Because who freaking knows what holidays, or Winter, or next year will bring?

Today, as ever, I am glad August is over.

I’m happy I got to swim Yesterday.

Tomorrow might be better.

You don’t know

It Might.

Yes, it might!


I Love You, No Excuses, I’m Sorry.

If we put the amount of energy that we put into pointless fighting into longevity research, we would be damn-near immortal by now.

I cannot think about it anymore today.

Sometimes, it gets lonely down here at the End of Creation.

Thank you for Humoring an Old Man.

Do something nice for yourself today, you deserve to be happy.


Thank you to my Regular Readers

You’re Amazing

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