2021 has been a mess. Not the mess that 2020 was, but a mess none-the-less.

First, we were obsessed with making through the Winter. Spring came and went. Summer has been a SEASON.

Come on Autumn, you got this.

Growing up, I lived in a farming community, and Autumn was unquestionably the “best” time of year.

The area was in a weird hot pocket that makes it perfect for farming and practically uninhabitable in summer.

As much as I love farms, and He DOES LOVE FARMS, I’ve always been an urbanite. I like paved roads and beautiful (NON-SKYSCRAPER) Buildings and People and Sturdy Bridges and all that jazz. Yep. That’s where it is.

Since moving into civilization, each season has has had a light and dark side. It probably has something to do with stimulation and access. Whatever.

What we are going to do this year is remember what Autumn felt like when we were Children.

When you would get one blast of cold, clean air and it was so good, you never forgot it.

When every other night there is a Festival and Festival Food.

When you’re standing by a fire with someone who loves you.

When an embrace heats up and makes you shiver.


Do whatever you can to keep yourself right. WHILE behaving and keeping yourself safe.

Whatever that looks like.🙄

(We are not safe.-BEHAVE! Pardon me.)

Personally, I will not go another day without exercising this year. Nope. Not on puropose I will not.

I should be exercising right now.

It’s alright, I know it, I know it.


This is how we prepare for next year.

No, we are not done, we haven’t even started.

This isn’t over.

Published by Chanzy

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