For a long time, because of my personality and Father’s methods, I would have nightmares about Him teaching me something in an overly harsh way.

The worry was not being able to do something.

Those dreams felt real and there was a series that would play over and over. He would wake me up and I’d be inconsolable.

The nightmare part was that I couldn’t make myself do it even though I knew I was capable.

Eventually, I took control of teaching myself certain things, learing how to connect with the content in way I could handle. Not talking about his methods here but my specific way of absorbing specific types of information,

And those nightmares went away.

That just occurred to me.

I am 34.

He can be oblivious.


They were replaced by worse.

After them came the Weather Dreams.

At least Three years of that particular nonsense.

I wasn’t until sex dreams that I knew they could be fun.

I had a nightmare every night for at least a year.


I was an intense kid.

I guess I still am.

Things are finally feeling right.


The last few years I’ve gone back and forth in my feelings over my Family.


I sure wish I had gotten more done by now.

Time is precious and I have wasted so much of mine.


Tomorrow’s Another Day


Published by Chanzy

No One from Nowhere

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