Not very long ago, someone told me that everyone who got a COVID vaccine was going to die in two years.

Afterwards, I was asked, “Are you vaccinated?”

“I am.”

My actual feelings rose up surface and I had to add,

“Nothing’s killing me.”

I was so irritated. Because at one time I believed in that nonsense. I spent a lot of time believing conspiratorial horse crap. We already did that. Now, I know better.

[Y2K but more so the year 2,000. Every church in my area was getting ready to be so smug. Then, my own internal panic that I’d ever get out alive, or worse, never get out, or Worst get out and have to go back. More recently, my own stifling hypochondria. He thinks his body will turn traitor or weak even though he is strong and relatively healthy. It is some weird anxiety leftover from a high-stress upbringing, but whatever.]

“Nothing’s killing me.”

Nothing, Except stupid people.

Because now that it’s political it will mutate beyond our ability to combat.

Oh, you’re so good.

Make it worse, make it worse.


You may believe what you want to but watch that ish around me.

The people who are lying to you have been vaccinated.

Damn them.

If they weren’t allowed to speak if they’d been vaccinated-

You know what?

Whatever. I gave up on the news before I left home.

My Parents went full MAGA.

He is prone to the end of the world stuff, but I didn’t see it coming. It did upset me but it’s not like I didn’t know he voted Republican.

It’s not fair for Democrats to act like Republicans had a choice when they didn’t. In 2016 they needed a win and those Rebulican debates were a horror. Republicans would have made Romney President.

It doesn’t matter now.

We are past a muffin basket.

Excuse me for a moment.

If the Democrats can’t stop the hissing an maintain ORDER in the ranks they deserve what they get.

No, you cant play “golf” when they are playing “blood sport”.


Do your best.

Thank you for trying.

“Ogg not scared, Ogg just gonna die.”

Stay Alive, Please

💜⚡️-thank you for listening to an odd man ramble. It’s cold out here. Please stay warm.



Get some Rest.

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