The past few days, I’ve been binging those “rough” TikTok compilations, Cheating, Abuse, etc.

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

Don’t. It’s gross.

A Couple Things-

I know that people are people, but every time I see a guy who has been cheated on, I wonder what has really happened. I know you know what I mean.

When a man cannot get the people around him to side with his version of who he says a woman is, he will start calling her a whore.

One- You are pathetic. Learn.



SHE is not a whore because she DOESN’T want to have sex with you. Especially if you’ve already had sex. You are just mad. The only people who believe you are the ones who think the same way as you. As in, “also wrong”. Unfortunately, it is most of them.



Trust is fundamental to your health.

Abusers gain your trust for the sole purpose of smashing it to bits. It serves two goals (that I know of)- It makes you question your judgement and permanently damages your ability to trust yourself.

He doesn’t want you to trust him. He doesn’t trust him. He wants you to doubt yourself.

She is on fire this morning.

(Thank you, Green Tea!)



There it is.

“I love him.”

You do not. Listen to me, please. I love you.

I know that you have shown love. That you feel attached, and it feels like love.

Love doesn’t leave you empty. There is no system where you have to pay for good love. However good it ever is or has been, it cannot account for abusive behavior. Those two things are unrelated.

It is connected in his mind because there is no such thing as love. He doesn’t believe in love, regardless of what he tells you. His love is a preventive measure for later.

You have to have a working knowledge of who someone is before you can truly love them.

You’ve never met. No, you two do not know each other. That’s why he wanted to know everything about you and then stopped once he felt he had you figured out. He has manipulated you in every way, including giving you misleading information about who he is, on purpose. Not because he is unintentionally lying but because it is his motivation to deceive you. He would never ever, EVER, let you get close enough to hurt him in a way he couldn’t handle. Not on purpose.

American Society is the worst when it comes to harboring abusers.

We see you.

You know what is going on. You do not deserve it.

When you learn to treat abuse as an assault (however it happens), it is life-changing.

My only advice is to stay alive.

A good way to know is to ask yourself, “Is he hurting me?”

I would’ve said “they” to be inclusive, but I am confident that there are plenty of women with better words to speak on female abusers.

Tear down the illusions he has spread among your friends and family.

Abusers rely on their victim’s cooperation in their deceptions.

Pay no mind to people who scandalize living single or don’t like the show Living Single.

They are joyless.


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