People think they know.

I wasn’t allowed to have my own radio until I was 15!

And then, the Rock that I liked was “not good” and too loud, so… no.

It was easier not to like ANYTHING.

When I was 17 I got to try again or I just took a radio from somewhere and put it in my room.

I get super into CDs.

Can’t be mad about magic you don’t understand.

I found one of my Father’s CDs.

It goes from



Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


Rockin’ into the Night by .38 Special

I was freaking in.


Is what it is.

Thank you.

Papa does have good taste in music.

I realized the value of good cds.

I do like the movie Tangled in a very personal way.

“You want to go outside?”

No phone, no cable, no music

No unapproved film.

And people wonder why my imagination is what it is.

The things you see.

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No One from Nowhere

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