This song came on the other day while I was exercising and I just started shadow boxing.

It was something I did everyday in my room for a long time.

I was convinced one of the boys would proclaim me “Faggot” to my face. I was the one they called pussy all the time but they never touched me so fuck those lil’ bitches.


(I used the corner of my wall to bounce off so I could put my hands out on both sides.)

One day I bounced off my bed to kick and ended up stuck in the wall.

So what happened was I did the kick but I had no thoughts about landing.

I had gotten out of control and ended up in the Built-in shelf at the top of my back wall up by the ceiling. (where people used to put suitcases and hat boxes and shit? Just a big empty-looking rectangle up by the ceiling?)

I lost my adrenaline and I was left hanging with my front half in the wall on the incredibly deep shelf. My ass and legs are hanging down.

I had no room to wiggle free and land on my bed.

I started weep-screaming and

He comes in…

“What the fu-?”

He went quiet. “-How did you get up there?”

“I was playing.”

His look said he knew exactly what I was doing.


He said

“You’re going to have to jump down.”

โ€œI can’tโ€-Dangling feet.

He said, โ€œUse your arms, throw yourself back.โ€

I wailed that I couldn’t.

Eventually, I Got mad and did it, making all kinds of โ€œdelicateโ€ noises on my way down. I can still hear the sound that came out on me when I hit the bed.

He has never laughed so hard. Because they are both me. The Panicked Queen and Kung Fu Panda.

Depends on the moment.

That was a teachable moment.

It was certainly useful information- I didn’t know you could do that. He could’ve just helped but he built me a boat, or whatever.

What was I saying?

This song is freaking IT.

Published by Chanzy

No One from Nowhere

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