He was so embarrassed that I liked men it was embarrassing.

You can’t go back.

Go do some rugged nonsense later.

I found that man so many arrowheads I should have gotten a badge.

You know how to behave. you know what is real and what is your bs and how to act right.

He never sent me away over it, it could’ve been worse.

At the end we were about to old-school fight to the death in the front yard

But he is good people.

I am not shaming anyone, unless youre him gtfo of here.

It all kind of comes to me whenever it wants.

I’d still never hurt him.

I wouldn’t let anyone hurt him.

One person.

You ain’t that person.

We crossed a bridge when I started being myself.

Showing it, anyways.

He’s treated me right since I was about 18.

Some people show their love in fucked up ways but my dad was the best.

I hated him.

Loved him.

Love Him.

Published by Chanzy

No One from Nowhere

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