It had been so long since I had been home, some rando tried to Karen me in my own yard.

I was so mad.


What do you want?


“I’m (I don’t care)”

“I’m Chanzy.”

I kept going with the yard work.

He started to talk again being nosey af and I’d had it.

“My Parents live here.”

My eyes went dead.


The people who live here.

Then, I stopped what was doing and gave him my full attention.

He tried to laugh it off.

I said, “I grew up here.”

I was mad so I said, “Where do you live?” But in that bright polite tone that makes you answer. Like he had already offered the information.

Vague answer, around the corner.


“Since when?” she was furious.

Because I lived there for a long time and never got asked anything by anyone.

It’s my own fault for not getting home enough but he almost tasted that gravel.

This do in remembrance of me.

I can show you the resemblance.

My Father who never lost a fight to a stranger.

I don’t enjoy hurting people unless they are into it, but I did want to hit him. It was close. I never feel that way about people.

I should have told him to “fuck off” but I didn’t.

What he didn’t know was that I was already freaking out.

I was SO UPSET before I went outside and here comes Unnecessary.

Don’t fucking stare at my Parents house, brah.

I went back to work and he left.

I’m the kind of person who instantly regrets being a jerk. Within the hour I confessed to my Dad that I’d been a jerk to one of his neighbors.

“which one?“

I described him.

He smiled.

“He’s weird. I don’t like him either.”

You damn right.

You are the stranger.

We are fine, rhinoplasty, thank you!

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No One from Nowhere

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