I have been so hot the last few days. Spiritually, Emotionally, Hot.

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Today, I wanted to write a cutsey wrap up of the week blog, but America is fucking disgusting, you guys. No thank you, honey maybe next time.

Were we happy that mouthy white lady got her traitor ass a record? THAT was funny. “I am a white woman in America.” America is good at prison.

Hold up,

We aren’t done.

Okay, if you could get dishonorably discharged for being found out as a homosexual and get your life RUINED until 2010, what to these people deserve?

We are wAy done with that. That was funny and I remain tickled watching them cry.

Speaking of crying…. That was some “wrong” crying. Doesn’t matter. They’re going to let him go. Whatever. JUST TELL ME WHEN IT’s Over. HINT- IT IS NEVER OVER. White Bitches.

What were we doing?

I was telling you about my week. Right.

Yesterday, when I woke up my face had my natural blush. Naturally, my face is red. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized I’ve been walking around ghost-faced for YEARS. I’m behaving. Fortunately, My skin only looked rough the last few months. It is the least of my concern right now, it is just feeling better. You think, NOW I KNOW I LOOK BETTER THAN THIS, and you DO! We’ll talk about it later.

Today, I woke up after little sleep and still managed to drag my happy-ass to the gym and back before 8A.M. That hasn’t happened in years. If I woke up tired I couldn’t make myself get going. The dull pain and eventual depression made me want to sleep, more than anything. I have been tired for five years and acting tired for three years.

Normally I sleep between 6-7 hours, more, if the work out demanded it.

Incredible. The difference is incredible. My arms haven’t gone to sleep yet and that had been happening since 2016.

Some people who know me will be able to tell a difference, but I really try to keep the true pain to myself. That’s why we don’t talk about high school.-Okay?


Now, he doesn’t have to fake the pleasant disposition.

Where do you think Robert got it from? DUH.

I lay before you


Crazy Laugh



I said what I said.


Oh my God, I can do anything.

I know I can’t

But fighting it and coming out makes me feel divine.

I know it isn’t the same as some people but what I can say is that the last few years were hell on my mental health before any outside influence.

But here I am, in my domain.

I have at least 30 extra pounds to shed. THANK YOU! It’s fine!

It will all work out.


He can be very becoming.

Fight it! Fight it!-Fight it!-Fight it!!

What was I doing? Trying to look so good it shamed everyone who ever hurt me into apologizing? That was it.

OH! And trying to be successful. Mostly that.

I suppose.

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