Looking Back

I knew I was most likely British





I think English, my Grandfather says Irish, but I think it’s because he finds the English embarrassing. Whatever. We are who we are.



I KNOW it’s not the same thing don’t freaking start.

Where nearly 5% Scandinavian came from? I do not know.

And a 1% chance of being a Ginger,

Ain’t, THAT a Bitch?

First of all, that’s what I get for looking

0% Native American, 0% Asian, just… Dead Eyed Cruelty. I really wanted one of those, no kidding.

I swear to God all I can think of is babies. With a dark eyed tall person who has a shot at giving that child a chin, but we are behaving.

Anything past 90 I feel is funny, I don’t why.

And now I have to do the Ancestry bullshit and find out who these turds were-


The Women of my Family did this.

They did this.

They’re mad I’m broke but pretty damn pleased with who I am.

The men can kiss it, I do not care.

Do NOT CARE. They get plenty of attention.

Warrior Princess or shut the fuck up.

It’s like when I got excited that there was a Pokemon named Chansey

And then THIS struts out-


She is not striking fear in anything but POUND CAKE.

I am behaving.

The first time I felt at home in America was in New England.

Makes sense.

What was I saying?I


No Known Serial Killers

No Known Serial Killers

No Known Serial Killers


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