Last Night

I was in Chicago, which is funny because I’ve never seen it. Chances are it was some urban spot I saw that was playing Chicago.

There was a Sporty Spice-type with long dark hair that I had a conversation that I cannot remember.


Later, I was in another place.

There was a team of us traveling around looking for something.


I don’t know how to explain it but that it felt like it was in the southern hemisphere. There was a group of us and we were looking for someone.


I was dropped through a square hole in the top of a building.


The lip had runes all around it.


Inside, you could see the runes on every surface.


There was something dark inside that we needed to help us.


I remember seeing the outline of something that resembled Loki’s Father from Thor.


It was alright.


It’s been a minute since I could carry it back with me.


Very Soul Eater meets A Necessary Evil.


That one was cute. I wish I had seen more.



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No One from Nowhere

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