On vacation, I went outside to smoke.

The smoking area was very blah.

I saw some stairs going down.

The stairs looked very Westworld.

It was all open air and concrete.

One floor down it looked the same,

On the second landing it turned into a horror movie.

On the lowest level there was a hallway that led out to the beach.

It was the one time I smoked the entire time I was on vacation where it was actually relaxing like it’s supposed to be.

It was so open you could hear the emptiness around you.

I was surrounded by air, concrete, and darkness. It was perfect. and I didn’t see anyone which made it better.

Goodnight 🌕 💕💕

Going to bed.

You bitches don’t start participating and I’m shutting it down. I’m sorry!

I know I haven’t written anything good for you guys in a while. I still love you, damn it.


Xena…. Something Xena.

Published by Chanzy

No One from Nowhere

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