Going into fifth grade my Father married our Stepmother and we moved into the city. Calling Slocomb a city is like calling Dothan “Birmingham”. Trust me, that killed in Alabama. We’d been living on my Father’s bosses property in a trailer that belonged to us. We had love if nothing else. When our Stepmother enteredContinue reading “1080”


More than once at the Assembly Church, they’d run out of oil in the “fancy” bottle, and they’d break out that Piggly Wiggly Brand Olive Oil. Yes, they did. Yes, they did!They absolutely did that-With-the BS TonguesThey scared the hell outta me.Baptists annoyed meThe Assembly Scared meMethodists Bored meThe Lutherans almost had me, that dragContinue reading “Beacon”


I came out to a friend’s Mother and She said, “That’s wonderful, here’s some cake.” At which point I was presented with chocolate cake. She was also the person who figured out that red was my color. I didn’t even know. I have had different coming out experiences, hear me, HAVE HAD DIFFERENT COMING OUTContinue reading “OUT”