I came out to a friend’s Mother and She said, “That’s wonderful, here’s some cake.” At which point I was presented with chocolate cake. She was also the person who figured out that red was my color. I didn’t even know. I have had different coming out experiences, hear me, HAVE HAD DIFFERENT COMING OUTContinue reading “OUT”


This made my day. No, I’m not jealous, you are jealous. Is He? Yes, he is. Working Those High Waisted Jeans. With Zero Fear. The Audacity. No, I am not jealous. May I call him “Great White Shirt”? No? May I call him “Jeans”? Work Work WORK Eyes on the Target. I wish he wasContinue reading “🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶”

Tonight’s Movie

Will be Friday the 13th (1980) 9:35P.M. Join us, won’t you? (That was a messed up movie.) The first time a guy caught my attention his name was Jason. *********** If you don’t count that babysitter I took a nap on. Listen, I was in 1st grade. He was napping, it looked comfortable, what canContinue reading “Tonight’s Movie”

Other Kids

Were playing with cars and I was learning how to make dream-catchers and shit. They do work, and the answer is psychological. When you make a dream catcher you’re supposed to let the nightmare have at you in every way it wants to come. It hurts, but it gives you something to do with yourContinue reading “Other Kids”