Are we finally at the spot where I’m allowed to admit the feminine men are where it’s at? Is that alright yet? Obviously, I can only speak for my personal preferences, but still. Age is irrelevant. Yes, pretty. And a little frail-looking, if I’m honest. He can be bigger so long as I can liftContinue reading “People”


Because I am abnormal, I never actual thought of intercourse when I was a teenager. I wanted to wrestle with someone, preferably someone I couldn’t hurt, followed by some low-key cuddling, certainly no grinding. Not ONCE. Jesus Christ. He’s a fucking moron. I knew what sex was. Stupid.


Rewatching, Once Upon a Time. I cannot believe Rumplestilskin killed Whitney Huston. I forgot about the cover-up. She Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Bit It. 🎶It’s Possible🎶 I miss Whitney Huston.


My Copy final copy of the Codex Alera arrived. Academ’s Fury I found the last copy for $31. And they had to change the artwork for the one that still hasn’t sold. Trying to get a better angle? HAHA! YES!!! Nothing… just a call back to a former rant “Every Day” *STILL!*


It was decent. If you imagine she got that cane bloody, it was decent. (Spoilers) Go for it. So… those puppies were hers? Is that what we’re saying?? because that is NOT what they told people. Just saying. She should’ve Maleficent-ed Mommy Dearest, but it’s alright. At least they let us see it. I loveContinue reading “Cruella”


Remember when the Principal from Kindergarten Cop snapped and started killing the shit outta everyone? Google It! It’s the best/worst thing you will see in your life. It’s so bad. But it is also great…fucking AMAZING.


I am so late- S12 Reunion Part 1 No. Snow White did not hit that mute button. I cannot believe he did. No, that is what you paid for, Narcissus. Echo Echo “I don’t like her.” He did it AGAIN Thrice!! (Am I the only one seeing the 😳 eyeballs?) They should be able toContinue reading “RHOA”