On Robert Pants I

He was also *MARRIED* before he got *FAMOUS*. Robert(aka-Spongebob)Pants* is my ex-husband. I don’t know what the “Square” is about…Hollywood…🙄 He’s a good person…except he’s a freaking enchanted cleaning object. He was the sweetest thing I’d ever met. He saved me from a rip current near Bikini Atoll and I built that stupid fucking tree-dome…likeContinue reading “On Robert Pants I”

The Best Sandwich

Is a modified chicken club. A big hunk of you favorite bread -Grilled Chicken -Bacon -Pepperoni(Let Me Finish!) -(Light)Pizza style Marina -Cheese Blend -Toast that shit up sexy -Lettuce -Onions(sometimes) -Black Olives -Banana Peppers -Salt Pepper -One line of ranch on the way out 🙏