You Already Know…

After seeing the Christmas pictures, tomorrow is a workout day. And a manscaping day. And maybe a finding some super-expired mushrooms day, and a baby sheep (youth spell) sacrifice day, and a RuPaul face-snatcher day. The next million days are workouts day. You better hold that camera up, bitch. Listen to Bop Bop; he lovesContinue reading “You Already Know…”


I’m watching the Star Wars Holiday Special…this couldn’t have actually happened, right? I’m tripping balls holiday-style…right? (Thank you, Dayton) -That opening looked like a Pizza Hut commercial. -White Walker Wookiee. This cannot be real. Also, I do not speak Wookie, can a bitch get subtitles?! -Who did Luke Skywalker’s base coat? That is incorrect… -AndContinue reading “SWISH”